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PLC23 Partners:

We welcome you to join us at ALCA’s seventh annual Private Land Conservation Conference, PLC23: Unite For Nature.

Nature’s central role as the keystone of our wellbeing, food security, economies and cultures is well recognised. From parliament to community, around dinner tables and board tables, at farm gates and school gates, society is taking note and taking steps to remedy the declining condition of our natural environment. Together, we are driven by our collective responsibility to stem the tide of loss and decline.


We recognise that for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, nature and culture are inextricably connected. We acknowledge and value the role Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples continue to play in managing Country today and their right to self-determination.


In response, innovative collaborations, long-standing partnerships and visionary thinking are unlocking finance, galvanising action and forging networks to amplify the ongoing, urgent management, protection and restoration of Country.


At PLC23, buoyed by a shared vision of a healthy and resilient Australia, we gather – it is a moment to stand together – as we Unite for Nature.

Dr Jody Gunn
CEO | Australian Land Conservation Alliance

3_Jarrega Farm Planting WA_Credit Greening Australia and Jesse Collins.jpg

Greening Australia and Jesse Collins



Monday 16 October:

Workshops and Welcome Reception

Tuesday 17 October:

Conference Sessions and Conference Dinner

Wednesday 18 October:

Conference Sessions


Thursday 19 October:

Post-Conference Field Trips

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The Australian Land Conservation Alliance represents organisations that work to conserve, manage and restore nature on privately managed land. We represent our members and supporters to grow the impact, capacity and influence of private land conservation to achieve a healthy and resilient Australia.

The influence of ALCA member land conservation efforts stretch across more than 3 million square kilometres with more than 4,000 landholders. We have more than 70,000 supporters and our combined annual turnover exceeds $260 million.