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Access and Engagement

Access and Engagement Strategy

ALCA has developed an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Access and Engagement Strategy to continue to improve ALCA’s engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in its conference. PLC2022 aims to be an inclusive and culturally safe event that engages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander delegates to attend and actively participate.

ALCA has secured funding to deliver this strategy through its Engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagements Partner, BHP Foundation.

Access and Engagement Strategy goals:

  1. ALCA’s Private Land Conservation Conference is accessible, beneficial, and culturally safe for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander delegates.

  2. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people attend, actively participate in and benefit from ALCA’s conference.

  3. ALCA delegates appreciate, enjoy and learn from the full participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander delegates.


In order to achieve these goals, ALCA seeks to continuously improve year on year in the way it delivers the conference and events.


Conference digital access and Yarning Circles

ALCA is pleased to advise that complimentary digital access to the conference and the opportunity to participate in Yarning Circles are available to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation at PLC2022. ALCA acknowledges the support of its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Delegate Sponsor, the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation.


Digital access

Gain full access to a range of diverse sessions to hear from Australia’s leaders in private land conservation, with opportunities to ask questions and participate in online discussions. 

Current program timings: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm (AEDT) on 9 and 10 March.

Access and Engagement Yarning Circles

Meet online pre- and post-PLC2022 to discuss shared interests related to private land conservation. Yarning Circles will be recorded and made available.

Pre-PLC2022 Yarning Circle: Thursday 24 February, 11:00am – 12:30pm (AEDT)  

Post-PLC2022 Yarning Circle: Friday 18 March, 11:00am – 12:30pm (AEDT) (The post-PLC2022 Yarning Circle will also seek to collect your valuable feedback on the conference with a view to planning next year’s conference.)

If you are interested in attending the virtual conference and/or the yarning circles, please complete the Expression of Interest Form via the below link. We will be confirming successful applicants weekly.

Read more about the digital access and Yarning Circles

Indigenous program highlights



  • Craig Aspinall, Landcare NSW

  • Teagan Goolmeer, University of Melbourne

  • Ricky Archer, North Australian Indigenous Land & Sea Management Alliance

  • Keron Murray, Wuthathi Aboriginal Corporation

  • Graham Atkinson, Dhelkunya Dja Land Management Board

  • Melissa Sinclair, APN Cape York

  • Mark Brettschneider, Nari Nari Tribal Council

  • Chrissy Warren, Wuthathi Aboriginal Corporation

  • Dambimangari Rangers, Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation

  • Dean Yibarbuk, Indigenous Carbon Industry Network

  • Dr Chels Marshall, NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust

  • Keynote: Importance of Country to health and wellbeing

  • Clayton Namatjira, Central Land Council


About the icon heading_edited.png


To First Nations people, ‘Country’ is all things, it is a place of belonging and
a way of life. Country incorporates the sea, rivers, waterholes and air, the desert, land, mountains, hills and valleys, plants, animals, people and cultural obligations. Country embraces the seasons and constellations of the sky, stories, and creation spirits.


I have created the symbols to reflect the getting together of likeminded people to learn and share the cultural knowledge of Country.

Symbols from top to bottom represent:
Air & Constellations
Mountains & Valleys
Fresh water


The Circle represents coming together to yarn, learn and share knowledge

About the icon small logo_edited.png

Created by Maria Watson-Trudgett

MARIA images.png
About MARIA.jpg

Maria is an Aboriginal artist, a cultural consultant and speaker.
Her artworks express her connections to her culture in contemporary expression of now. Maria's painting style is a contemporary fusion of abstract and Aboriginal art, using groups of symbols as a way of narrating a story and preserving cultural traditions.


We thank our sponsors for their support

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The ILSC Group_Gov Duo_Brand_Strapline_ART_Black type_2019.png

The BHP foundation is a major partner with PLC2022 supporting the engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander delegates.

Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation are an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Delegate sponsor.

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