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The Australian Land Conservation Alliance (ALCA) was formed in 2011 to promote and implement approaches that ensure that private land conservation makes the greatest possible contribution to towards healthy landscapes and healthy communities in alignment with local, national and international biodiversity obligations.


Over the past 30 years, private land conservation in Australia has been growing and so has its impact on our environment. There are hundreds of organisations in Australia that together provide habitat for native plants and wildlife, protect threatened ecosystems and species, and preserve fresh water values and significant cultural sites.


In 2017, ALCA significantly expanded its membership to include Biodiversity Conservation Trust NSW, Bush Heritage Australia, Greening Australia, the South Endeavour Trust and Landcare Australia. ALCA will be expanding its membership further in 2021. Our expansion demonstrates broad commitment to building a network that connects organisations working in land conservation and management and provides a united voice for land conservation in public discourse and investment decisions.


ALCA exists within the context of established and emerging land conservation networks internationally. Together these networks are shaping and defining land conservation – including conservation on private land – as a critical environmental sector. ALCA sees conservation on private lands as a social process, guided by good science. This recognition underpins the vision, mission and operating principles of ALCA and explains why private landholders and Aboriginal people in Australia are central to its work.  

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